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Quality Control

Newland controls are manufactured for long-term reliability and repeatable performance. This can only be achieved with control plan utilization, proper training of team members, clear and direct line instructions for each task, redundant quality checks to confirm piece part functionality and various tests that provide confidence that finished products are designed and built to customer needs. This self-same process is also required of our sub-suppliers, to ensure Newland products are manufactured with the best materials and integrated sub-components. No facet of the manufacturing process is too small for consideration. We strive to continually review and improve our quality systems through improving our Process control, inspecting Tech and QC train to achieve 0 defect objective.

Process Flow

Newland’s standardized process that assists manufacturers and suppliers in production designs, processes and safety features before, during and after manufacturing to meet customer’s requirements.

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Raw Material:
Select Nd、B-Fe and other metals. Basis of special proportional melt.
Strip Casting:
This process is based on HDDR technics. Make NdFeB alloy into strip with physical method.
Hydrogen Decrepitation:
make high grade and quality sintered NdFeB.
Jet Milling:
Make use of special equipment and utilize high speed air flow to make micro particle to manufacture NdFeB alloy power.
Utilize special pressing equipment to press NdFeB Power into certain shape with physical method.
Utilize vacuum sintered furnace. Sintering magnetic properties are developed by an aging heat treatment which may be in the presence of a magnetic field.
Key measurements including remanence, coercivity and maximum energy product are recorded.
This Progress is to use the mechanical equipment to make the accurate dimensions and shapes.
Coating with different material to protect the magnet from oxidation and rusty.
Final Inspection:
Check the appearance and inspect shapes and sizes of magnets.
Magnetize magnets with magnetism equipment.
Pack magnets according to the shipping ways.