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Founded in 2003, China Ningbo Newland International Trade Co., Ltd. is a privately owned corporation that specializes in manufacturing smco magnet, samarium cobalt, sintered and bonded Nd-Fe-B, cast and sintered Al-Ni-Co, Sm-Co magnets, assembling magnet components, sintered smco magnet, dc motor magnet, smco bar magnet, bonded smco magnet, sintered smco, and magnetic systems. We utilizes new sintered Ndfeb techniques and equipment such as Strip Casting, HDDR (Hydrogenation Disproportionation Desorption Recombination) technology to make many different grades of NdFeB from N,H,SH,UH and EH grade ,(BH)max from 33-51 MGOe, maximum working temperature up to 230 Degrees Centigrade.

Magnetic Properties

Demagnetization curve

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Samarium Cobalt rare-earth (SmCo) magnets are manufactured by using powder metallurgy techniques which include stringent process controls and complicated heat treatment cycles. The composition of this alloy is approximately 35% Samarium, 60% cobalt with the balance being Fe & Cu.

Why we choose SmCo magnet?

1. Superior resistance to high temperature.

2. Excellent resistance to corrosion, no coating is needed for surface protecting.

3. High working temperature.

4. Smco is suitable for machines with high magnetic requirements Good for strict working environment requirement.

5. Common uses in different fields:
All sorts of SmCo are used in the Electronic magnetron , Magnetic Transmission , Magnetic Treatment , Magnistor , Etc

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