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Green environmental protection

Newland is a manufacturer of magnet, which certified by ISO14001:2020, ISO9001 2015 and IATF16949. Newland deepens the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in all chains of production, strengthen publicity in all departments, improve the green awareness of employees, and encourage technical innovation of employees, to build an environment-friendly enterprise.

In addition, the company introduced ERP management, OA system, Intranet and other modern information technology means, to achieve paperless office.

Charitable donations

Newland not only takes profit as top priority, but also pays attention to people's livelihood and public welfare, and gives back to society. In order to help the local farmers in Ningbo solve the unsalable agricultural products, Newland raised money from the employees and donated tens of thousands yuan to the Ningbo Red Cross. In addition, Newland is actively involved in the public welfare activities in the community where it is, encouraging the employees to become volunteers and contribute to the public welfare of the community.

Employee growth

Newland regards talents as the first resource, advocates the people-oriented value concept, and builds a platform for employees to realize their value. Newland will organize the new employee orientation training, arrange relevant training courses for new and old employees regular weekly and focus on the growth and progress of employees. In order to encourage employees to create better performance, the company has developed a series of complete employee promotion and salary increase programs as well as rich reward mechanism.

Newland also pays attention to the psychological health of employees, advocates the alternate work with rest, encourages employees to actively participate in various activities and team building organized by the company, and customizes various games and corresponding prizes.

Employment creation

Newland always adheres to the recruitment principle of "fairness, equality, competition and merit-based", and strictly follows the rules and procedures of "personnel interview + supervisor interview" to screen and recruit candidates. Newland is willing to give priority to the admission of outstanding fresh graduates to provide employment opportunities and create employment for the society. Newland also provides staff with accommodation or housing and meal subsidies to ease the pressure of staff's life.

Factory safety

Newland knows that only when safety is achieved in production can it provide guarantee for the quality of products. The production process of magnets has certain dangers. Newland will conduct regular safety training and education for the workers, develop standardized operation manuals, and inspect workshop and equipment regularly.

Newland also actively cooperated with the local government to conduct fire drills and fire safety inspection, and established and improved the factory’s firefighting equipment and emergency treatment facilities, so as to realize a safe factory and protect the lives of employees.

  • Green environmental protection
  • Charitable donations
  • Employee growth
  • Employment creation
  • Factory safety