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Nikon Measuring Microscope MM-40 The equipment is to observe and analyze the metallographic structure to determine the quality from the data received. We use three objective lens: 10X, 20X, 100X.

Nikon Profile Projector (V-12B)
The equipment together with QC-2000 (quadra-chek) is used to inspect precisely the dimensions, especially those are unable to be measured by common devices. Through this system, we are able to provide you data of inner/outer radius of segment magnet, concentricity of ring magnet, etc. The precision can reach 0.001mm.

Coating test

To make sure that the coating reaches quality standard, we carry out salt spray test and high temperature & humidity test. For detail, we are glad to send you the salt spray test report and temperature & humidity test report for reference.
Laboratorio Elettrofisico
Hystergraf I-200A/S

The system is able to measure the fundamental magnetic characteristics of hard magnetic materials, in conformity with the IEC 404-5 standards.
Through the automatic hysteresis tester we are able to offer curve relative to the first, second, and third quadrants, complete hysteresis loop and reversible permeability on all hard magnetic materials (Alnico, ferrite, rare earths) in the temperature range of +19℃~+200℃. If you are interested in receiving hystergraph curves of certain magnetic material for reference, please contact us..

This device works with a variety of sensing coils to measure changing flux, and it is our fundamental QC equipment. Generally we make sampling test for flux value to see the consistency of the whole lot, and for each lot, the out-going testing report shows the sampling test result of the flux value. If you are interested in receiving our out-going test report for reference, please contact us..

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