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>> Alnico Assembly
alnico assembly     This AlNiCo assembly is made according to the samples from our client which is only for your reference. It is made up of AlNiCo8, SS304 and M6 Screw. The inside of each part is Nickel coating, and the outside is a flat of resisting painting...

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>> Magnetic Handle
magnetic handle Magnetic handle(liftering magnet)
1.The product was make of permanent magnet, stainless steel and other metal.
The lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for applicaiton. All with a new high-performance NdFeB magnet, so that it will be smaller and lighter, the retention of the stronger...

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>> Magnetic Holder
magnetic holder

Magnet assembly-magnet holder
Magnet holder is made up of permanent magnet (NdFeB,Ferrite) and other spare parts, such as metal, plastic, rubber and other components. It posses of different pulling force 30lbs-90lbs with attached photos...

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