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Magnetic handle(liftering magnet)
1.The product was make of permanent magnet, stainless steel and other metal.
The lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for applicaiton. All with a new high-performance NdFeB magnet, so that it will be smaller and lighter, the retention of the stronger.
2.it was used to lift up panels, cargo, block metal and so on.
the product can hoist iron, steel bolk and others. It is very convenient for application in loading, unloading and moving.
3.Customized designs are accepted.

magnetic handle magnetic handle magnetic handle magnetic handle
Magnetic Handle 1
Magnetic Handle 2
Magnetic Handle 3
Magnetic Handle 4

Note: The typical product shows in the website are produced according to the supplied drawings and samples. These products are ONLY supplied to the specified clients who supply these drawings and samples.

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