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Magnetic Properties

bonded NdFeB magnet bonded NdFeB magnet driving sensor rings
Bonded NdFeB Magnet
Bonded NdFeB Magnet
Driving 1
Sensor rings

rings driving ring with gear tiny rotors with shaft
Driving 2
Ring with Gear
Tiny rotors with Shaft


Injection Plastic Ndfeb magnet, a kind of new-generation composite material made from permanent magnetic powder and plastic, has outstanding magnetic properties and plastic properties and features high size precision and exceptional shock resistance. It can be processed into various components with complicated shapes,thus can be used in the industries of micro or special motor, office equipment, instrument, meter, and beeper. Custom design available.

Why choose Bonded NdFeB Magnet?

1.  Design and manufacturing of orientation moulds were carried out.

2.  Having high dimensional precision and impact-resistance. Capable of forming products with inlay.

3.  The injection moulding parts are suitable for forming products with various shapes and thin walls.

4.  Multi polar magnetization can be carried out according customer's requirements.

5. Application to bonded NdFeB.
Different kind of micro-special motor          Different kind of fan motor
Different kind of DC motor                         Synchronization electric motor
House electric apparatus                            Ice chipper electric motor
Hand-operated electric generator                Automobile motor
Time gauge                                               Instruments for auto

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