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As a magnet product manufacturer, we are able to manufacture the full range of Sintered Nd-Fe-B products including the high property magnets, such as N54, 52M, 52H, 45SH, 40UH, etc., (BH)max from 33-55MGOe, maximum working temperature up to 230 Degrees Centigrade. We also produce various motor magnets according to the customer's design, such as anti-high temperature, anti-high pressure, anti-high humidity, low weight loss level, huge size, etc.


Newland are also a Professional Magnetic Solution Provider. According to the customer’s demands, we provide product solution to diversify customer’s product lines, improve their core competitive, which are widely applied into new energy, electronics, communications and other fields.

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With decades experience being trusted, gold standard supplier and partner to Automative, Telecom, and other applications, offering reliable and trustworthy service
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Ningbo Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd is a professional magnet solution provider that produces various permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies used in a wide range of applications and industry sectors in Europe, Asia and North & South American market.
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